Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Checking the Available Frame Buffers

If you do not know the names of the frame buffer devices in your system, check them by entering:

% /etc/dmesg | more

The system configuration is displayed, including the types of available frame buffers in your system and the slots they occupy. The list of messages might be lengthy. Look for the lines that start with cg or leo (for color frame buffers) and bw (for black and white frame buffers).

cgsix0 at SBus0: SBus slot 1 0x0 SBus level 5 sparc ipl 7
cgsix0 is /sbus@1,f8000000/chsix@1,0
cgsix0: screen 1152x900, single buffered, 1M mappable, rev1

Note -

Executing the dmesg command may result in numerous messages. The system configuration messages shown below may not even be displayed. In this case, reboot your system. After rebooting, repeat the command shown previously.