Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

PGX32 Card as the Only Frame Buffer

Sun Ultra 5 and Sun Ultra 10 Systems

To use the PGX32 card as the system console in an Sun Ultra 5 or Sun Ultra 10 system as the only frame buffer, first disable the 8-bit or 24-bit onboard graphics, that comes standard with these systems.

  1. To disable the 8-bit or 24-bit graphics device built into the motherboard, type:

    ok setenv pcib-probe-list 1,3
    ok reset

    Once the system is reset, all console messages are directed to the PGX32 card.

  1. To restore the motherboard 8-bit or 24-bit graphics device as the console for any reason, simply add it back to pcib-probe-list by typing:

    ok setenv pcib-probe-list 1,2,3
    ok reset

Sun Ultra 30 and Sun Ultra 60 Systems

If no other frame buffers are present in a Sun Ultra 30 or Sun Ultra 60, then the PGX32 card will be the console by default, provided that the board is in a valid probed PCI slot.