Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Setting Up Multiple Monitors Using a UNIX Script

The following example shows a UNIX script that sets up the TurboGXplus card in slot 1 to 1152 x 900 at 76 Hz, and another TurboGXplus card in slot 3 to 1280 x 1024 at 67 Hz using two 19-inch monitors.

Example 1-8 UNIX Script Method for Multiple Monitor Setup

eeprom fcode-debug\?=true
eeprom nvramrc='probe-sbus														(or probe-all)
: vsetup1 " 108000000,71808,76,32,128,192,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR,0OFFSET" ;
vsetup1 4 
" /sbus/cgsix@1" " override" execute-device-method drop
: vsetup2 " 117000000,71691,67,16,112,224,1280,2,8,33,1024,COLOR,0OFFSET" ;
vsetup2 4
" /sbus/cgsix@3" " override" execute-device-method drop
eeprom use-nvramrc\?=true

For more information on running multiple monitors, see Chapter 9, Multiple Monitors on a System.