Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

List of Visuals

The Creator accelerator exports eleven visuals on the X11 screen visual list. You can query these visuals using XGetVisualInfo(3) or XMatchVisualInfo(3). The linearity of a visual can be queried using XSolarisGetVisualGamma(3). The visuals are:

Note -

In the above list, a visual is non-linear (not gamma corrected) unless it is explicitly specified to be linear. Also, an 8-bit visual resides in the Creator accelerator underlay plane group unless it is explicitly specified to reside in the overlay. 24-bit visuals are always underlay.

Figure 3-1 shows how the Creator accelerator visuals relate to the pixel storage (plane groups) in the frame buffer. X, B, G, and R denote the four 8-bit channels in which pixel data can be stored. The figure shows pixel storage for Creator Series 1, 2, and 3 with extended overlay option disabled.

The B, G, and R channels can either store 8-bit pixel data (in the red channel only) or 24-bit pixel data (using all three channels). The R channel provides storage for windows of seven different visual types (the 8R visuals). The BGR channels provide storage for windows for three different visual types (the 24-bit visuals). Only one visual is provided by the X channel: 8X PseudoColor.

Figure 3-1 The 11 Creator Accelerator Visuals


The colormap_size of the underlay visuals is 256. In the Creator Series 1 and 2, the colormap_size of the overlay visual is 256 - maxwids. The Creator Series 3 can be configured to use a full 256-color overlay or to run in Series 1 or 2 compatibility mode with 25 -maxwids colors.