Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Window Manager Implications

Because the Creator accelerator default visual is not an overlay, problems occur when overlay windows are not override-redirect (i.e., wrapped with a window manager decoration window). The Solaris-supported window managers olwm, mwm, and dtwm always wrap toolkit subwindows with decoration windows in the default visual. This occurs even if an application specifies a non-default visual for the pop-up window.

For example, when the default visual is 8-bit underlay PseudoColor, the window manager will wrap it with an 8-bit underlay decoration window even if an application specifies to a toolkit that a pop-up window is to be placed in the 8-bit overlay PseudoColor visual. Thus, the pop-up continues to damage other underlay windows, which is not the intended effect.

Use the following workarounds to this limitation:

Keep in mind that the overlay visual has less colormap entries than the underlay 8-bit visual. Thus, the default colormap may fill up sooner, which may lead to increased colormap flashing.