Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Direct Xlib

Direct Xlib is not supported on the Creator accelerator. The X shared memory transport feature (new in Solaris 2.5) should be used instead. To enable shared memory transport, set the following environment variables in the client environment:

setenv DISPLAY :0

setenv XSUNTRANSPORT shmem

setenv XSUNSMESIZE 512

Note -

The last line specifies a client request buffer size of 512 kilobytes. Different request buffer sizes can be specified. However, 512 is a good compromise between the transport speed and the system memory resources consumed.

Applications that rely on XPutImage and Direct Xlib for fast pixel transfer into the frame buffer should instead use the MITSHM extension function XShmPutImage on the Creator accelerator. This function provides the fastest transfer of pixels into the frame buffer when the client is on the same machine as the X server.

If you are using XShmPutImage to a 24-bit visual, you may need to increase the amount of allocated shared memory beyond the default amount. See "The X11perf Benchmark"" for details.