Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Choosing Extended Overlay (-extovl)

In extended overlay mode, the overlay visuals will have 256 opaque colors. The server overlay visuals (SOV) will have 255 opaque colors and one transparent color. The extended overlay mode also enables hardware-accelerated transparency, which provides better performance for windows using the SOV visuals. In extended overlay mode, there are 64 WindowIDs (WIDs) for windows using non-overlay visuals and three WIDs for windows using the overlay visuals.

If extended overlay mode is disabled, the number of colors for overlay visuals is 256 minus the value set for the maxwids option (default 32). The SOV-capable visuals also have (256 - maxwids) colors and a software emulation of transparency.

To Select Extended Overlay Mode
  1. Enter the following:

    afbconfig -extovl enable

    Table 7-4 lists the default settings for the afbconfig -extovl. options.

    Table 7-4 Default Settings for afbconfig -extovl Options

    Possible Values 

    Defaults in Solaris 2.5.1 

    Defaults in Solaris 2.6