System Interface Guide

Advanced File I/O

Advanced file I/O functions create and remove directories and files, create links to existing files, and obtain or modify file status information.

Table 5-2 Advanced File I/O Functions

Function Name 


link(2) Link to a file
access(2) Determine accessibility of a file
mknod(2) Make a special or ordinary file
chmod(2) Change mode of file
chown(2), lchown(2), fchown(2) Change owner and group of a file
utime(2) Set file access and modification times
stat(2), lstat(2), fstat(2) Get file status
fcntl(2) Perform file control functions
ioctl(2) Control device
fpathconf(2) Get configurable path name variables
opendir(3C), readdir(3C), closedir(3C) Perform directory operations
mkdir(2) Make a directory
readlink(2) Read the value of a symbolic link
rename(2) Change the name of a file
rmdir(2) Remove a directory
symlink(2) Make a symbolic link to a file