System Interface Guide

Thepriocntl(2) Function

priocntl(2) gets or sets the scheduling parameters of a process or set of processes much as the priocntl(1) utility does for a process. An invocation of priocntl(2) can act on a LWP, on a single process, or on a group of processes. A group of processes can be identified by parent process, process group, session, user, group, class, or all active processes. The manual page contains the details of its use.

An example of using priocntl(2) to do the equivalent of % priocntl -l is in Appendix A, Full Code Examples.

The PC_GETCLINFO command gets a scheduler class name and parameters given the class ID. This command makes it easy to write programs that make no assumptions about what classes are configured. An example of using priocntl(2) with PC_GETCLINFO to get the class name of a process based on the process ID is in Example A-2.

The PC_SETPARMS command sets the scheduler class and parameters of a set of processes. The idtype and id input arguments specify the processes to be changed. Example A-3 provides an example of using priocntl(2) with the PC_SETPARMS command to convert a time-share process into a real-time process.