Solaris 8 Software Developer Supplement

Implemented ioctl Functions

GLD implements the ioctl ioc_cmd function described below. If GLD receives an ioctl command that it does not recognize, it passes it to the device-specific driver's gldm_ioctl() routine, as described in gld(9E).

The DLIOCRAW ioctl function is used by some DLPI applications, most notably the snoop1M command. The DLIOCRAW command puts the Stream into a raw mode, which, upon receipt, causes the full MAC-level packet to be sent upstream in an M_DATA message instead of being transformed into the DL_UNITDATA_IND form normally used for reporting incoming packets. Packet SAP filtering is still performed on Streams that are in raw mode. If a Stream user wants to receive all incoming packets, it must also select the appropriate promiscuous mode(s). After successfully selecting raw mode, the application is also allowed to send fully formatted packets to the driver as M_DATA messages for transmission. DLIOCRAW takes no arguments. Once enabled, the Stream remains in this mode until closed.