Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 10/00 Release Notes Update

Current Release

HotJava Browser

The HotJavaTM browser is no longer supported.

Solaris Java Development Kit: JNI 1.0 Interface

The 1.0 version of the Java Native Interface (JNI 1.0) is no longer supported by the Solaris Java Development Kit version 1.2 (JDKTM 1.2).

Support in the Solaris Java Development Kit (JDK) for the 1.0 version of the Java Native Interface (JNI 1.0) has been removed. JNI 1.0 is also known as the Native Method Interface (NMI).

Solstice AdminSuite 2.3/AutoClient 2.1

Solstice AdminSuiteTM 2.3 software is no longer supported with the Solaris 8 operating environment. Any attempt to run Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 to configure a Solstice AutoClient or diskless client will result in a failure for which no patch is available or planned. While it may be possible to manually edit configuration files to enable diskless clients, such an operation is not recommended or supported.

F3 Font Technology

F3 fonts and the TypeScaler rasterizer, Sun's proprietary scalable font technology, is no longer supported. Sun will continue to support the industry standard font formats, Type1 and TrueType.


XGL is no longer supported.

Derived Type paddr_t

The paddr_t data type found in sys/types.h is not supported in the 64-bit compilation environment. It is currently only available in the 32-bit compilation environment.

Changes to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for User Accounting Data

Two sets of APIs allow user accounting data to be accessed by applications. The preferred set of programming interfaces for accessing and manipulating user accounting information is described on the getutxent(3C) man page. These interfaces are both more capable and more portable than the older getutent(3C) routines.

Older applications may access the underlying accounting files directly. The files /var/adm/utmp and /var/adm/wtmp and the corresponding symbolic links /etc/utmp and /etc/wtmp are no longer supported. The format of the data contained in these files constrains the future evolution of the Solaris operating environment. Applications using these files should be updated to use the documented and supported APIs.

Applications that are already using the getutent(3C) family of routines may be unaffected on small system configurations. However, in future releases these interfaces may return errors when used on very large system configurations. For this reason, use the getutxent(3C) routines for both old and new code in place of the getutent(3C) APIs.

The sysidnis(1M) System Identification Program

sysidnis(1M) is no longer supported. sysidnis(1M) is the System Identification program responsible for configuring name services during installation, upgrade, and after unconfiguration using sys-unconfig(1M).

sysidnis(1M) has been replaced by sysidns(1M).

Sun4c-Based Systems

The following Sun4c--based architecture systems and servers based on these systems are no longer supported.

Note -

All hardware options (such as SCSI devices) and supported configurations that are dependent on the Sun4c-based architecture are no longer supported.

SPARCstation Voyager

SPARCstation VoyagerTM systems are no longer supported.

SPARC Xterminal 1

SPARC Xterminal 1TM systems are no longer supported.