Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 10/00 Release Notes Update

Motif suninstall Fails in de_AT.ISO8859-15 and fr_BE.ISO8859-15 Locales (4305420)

Installing the operating environment by using the two languages specified causes parts of the installation process to be displayed in English. In addition, not all localization packages are installed. The following message is displayed.

XView warning: "de" kann nicht als Sprachumgebungs-Kategorie 
Ausgabesprache (gesetzt über Umgebungsvariable(n)) verwendet 
werden, wenn Standardspracheauf"de_AT.ISO8859-15" gesetzt ist 
(Server Package)
XView warning: Requested input method style not supported. 
(Server package)

Workaround: Install the Solaris operating environment using the German or French ISO8859-1 locales.