Solaris Modular Debugger Guide


int mdb_walk_dcmd(const char *wname, const char *dcname, int argc,
			const mdb_arg_t *argv);

Initiate a global walk using the walker specified by wname, and invoke the dcmd specified by dcname with the specified argc and argv at each step. This function returns 0 for success, or -1 for error. The function fails if the walker itself returns a fatal error, if the specified walker name or dcmd name is not known to the debugger, or if the dcmd itself returns DCMD_ABORT or DCMD_USAGE to the walker. The walker name and dcmd name can each be scoped using the backquote (`) operator if there are naming conflicts. When invoked from mdb_walk_dcmd(), the dcmd will have the DCMD_LOOP and DCMD_ADDRSPEC bits set in its flags parameter, and the first call will have DCMD_LOOPFIRST set.