Solaris Modular Debugger Guide


void mdb_get_pipe(mdb_pipe_t *p);

Retrieve the contents of the pipeline input buffer for the current dcmd. The mdb_get_pipe() function is intended to be used by dcmds that want to consume the complete set of pipe input and execute only once, instead of being invoked repeatedly by the debugger for each pipe input element. Once mdb_get_pipe() is invoked, the dcmd will not be invoked again by the debugger as part of the current command. This can be used, for example, to construct a dcmd that sorts a set of input values.

The pipe contents are placed in an array that is garbage-collected upon termination of the dcmd, and the array pointer is stored in p->pipe_data. The length of the array is placed in p->pipe_len. If the dcmd was not executed on the right-hand side of a pipeline (that is, the DCMD_PIPE flag was not set in its flags parameter), p->pipe_data is set to NULL and p->pipe_len is set to zero.