Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Unconfigure a DHCP Server or BOOTP Relay Agent (dhcpconfig -U)

  1. Become superuser or a user assigned to the DHCP Management profile.

  2. Type the following on the system that acts as DHCP server or BOOTP relay agent:

    # /usr/sbin/dhcpconfig -U 

    If the server does not use shared data (through NIS+ or text files shared through NFS), you can also use the -x option to remove the dhcptab and network tables. If the server uses shared data, do not use the -x option. The -h option can be used to remove host names from the host table. See the dhcpconfig man page for more information about dhcpconfig options.

    See DHCP Data on an Unconfigured Server for more information about removing data.