Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Configure a BOOTP Relay Agent (Interactive dhcpconfig)

  1. Become superuser on the system you want to configure.

  2. Type the following command:

    # /usr/sbin/dhcpconfig

    The text-based DHCP Configuration menu is displayed.

  3. Type 2 and press Return to select Configure BOOTP Relay Agent.

  4. Answer the prompts as follows:

    ###     BOOTP Relay Agent Configuration ###
    Enter destination BOOTP/DHCP servers. Type '.' when finished.
    IP address or Hostname:

    Type one IP address or host name for a BOOTP or DHCP server to which requests should be forwarded and press Return. The prompt appears again to allow you to type more addresses or host names. Type a period and press Return when you are finished.

    ###     Common daemon option setup      ###
    Would you like to specify nondefault daemon options (Y/[N]):Y

    You can successfully configure the server without specifying nondefault daemon options if you type N at this prompt.

    However, if you type Y here, the following prompts are displayed.

    Do you want to enable transaction logging? (Y/[N]):Y

    Type Y if you want to enable transaction logging. See Changing DHCP Logging Options for information about transaction logging. The following prompt appears only if you enable transaction logging:

    Which syslog local facility [0-7] do you wish to log to? [0]:

    See Changing DHCP Logging Options for information about the local facility for transaction logging.

    The DHCP Configuration menu is redisplayed.

  5. Type 4 to exit dhcpconfig.