Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Customize DHCP Server Performance Options (DHCP Manager)

  1. Choose Modify from the Service menu.

  2. To change the number of BOOTP relay agents a request can pass through, specify a different Maximum Number of Relay Agent Hops.

  3. To have the DHCP server verify that an IP address is not in use before it offers the address to a client, select Detect Duplicate IP Addresses.

  4. To have the DHCP server read dhcptab at specified intervals, select Reload dhcptab Every n Minutes, and type the number of minutes for the interval.

  5. To change the length of time the server holds an IP address open after it makes an offer, type the number of seconds in the field Cache Offers for n Seconds.

  6. Select Restart Server if it is not already selected.

  7. Click OK.