Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

Specifying Network Interfaces to Monitor for DHCP Service

By default, both dhcpconfig and DHCP Manager's Configuration Wizard configure the DHCP server to monitor all the server system's network interfaces. If you add a new network interface to the server system, the DHCP server automatically monitors the new interface when you boot the system. You can then add any networks that will be monitored through the network interface.

However, DHCP Manager also allows you to specify which network interfaces the DHCP service should monitor and which it should ignore. You might want to ignore an interface if you do not want to offer DHCP service on that network.

If you specify that any interface should be ignored, and then install a new interface, the DHCP server ignores the new interface unless you add it to the server's list of monitored interfaces. You can specify interfaces with DHCP Manager.

This section includes a procedure that enables you to specify which network interfaces DHCP should monitor, and which to ignore. The procedure uses the Interfaces tab of the DHCP Manager's Modify Service Options dialog box, which is shown in the following figure.

Figure 4–4 Interfaces Tab of Modify Service Options Dialog Box