Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Modify Configuration of a DHCP Network (dhtadm)

  1. Determine which macro includes information for all clients of the network.

    The network macro's name matches the network IP address.

    If you don't know which macro includes this information, you can display the dhcptab database to list all macros by using the command dhtadm -P.

  2. Type a command of the following format to change the value of the option you want to change:

    # dhtadm -M -m macro-name -e 'symbol=value'

    For example, to change the macro's lease time to 57600 seconds and NIS domain to, type the following commands:

    # dhtadm -M -m -e 'LeaseTim=57600'

    # dhtadm -M -m -e ''

  3. Type the following command as root to make the DHCP daemon reread dhcptab:

    # pkill -HUP in.dhcpd