Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Assign a Consistent IP Address to a DHCP Client (DHCP Manager)

  1. Determine the client ID for the client you want to have a permanent IP address.

    See the entry for client ID in Table 4–6 for information about how to determine the client ID.

  2. Select the Addresses tab in DHCP Manager.

  3. Select the appropriate network.

  4. Double-click the IP address you want to the client to use.

    The Address Properties window opens.

  5. Select the Lease tab.

  6. In the Client ID field, type the client ID you determined from the client's hardware address.

    See the Client ID entry in Table 4–6 for more information.

  7. Select the Reserved option to prevent the IP address from being reclaimed by the server.

  8. In the Lease Policy area of the window, select Dynamic or Permanent assignment.

    Select Dynamic if you want the client to negotiate to renew leases, and thus be able to track when the address is used. Because you selected Reserved, the address cannot be reclaimed even when it uses a dynamic lease. You do not need to enter an expiration date for this lease. The DHCP server calculates the expiration date based on the lease time.

    If you select Permanent, you cannot track the use of the IP address unless you enable transaction logging.