Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

Modifying the Solaris DHCP Client's Option Information

If you add a new DHCP option to your DHCP server, you must add a complementary entry to each DHCP client's option information. If you are have a DHCP client that is not a Solaris DHCP client, refer to that client's documentation for information about adding options or symbols.

On a Solaris DHCP client, you must edit the /etc/dhcp/inittab file and add an entry for each option that you add to the DHCP server. If you later modify the option on the server, you must also modify the entry in the client's /etc/dhcp/inittab file.

Refer to the dhcp_inittab man page for detailed information about the syntax of the /etc/dhcp/inittab file.

Note –

If you added DHCP options to the dhcptags file in a previous release of Solaris DHCP, you must add the options to the /etc/dhcp/inittab file. See DHCP Option Information for more information.