Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

Cannot Select NIS+ as a Data Store

If you try to use NIS+ as your data store, you might find that DHCP Manager does not offer it as a choice for data store, or dhcpconfig returns a message saying NIS+ does not appear to be installed and running. This means that NIS+ has not been configured for this server, although NIS+ might be in use on the network. Before you can select NIS+ as a data store, the server system must be configured as an NIS+ client.

Before you set up the server as an NIS+ client, the domain must have already been configured and its master server must be running. The master server of the domain's tables should be populated, and the hosts table must have an entry for the new client system (the DHCP server system). “Configuring NIS+ Clients” in Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide provides detailed information about configuring an NIS+ client.