Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

Example – Setting up a Solaris DHCP Client as an NIS+ Client

The following example assumes that you have one workstation, nisei, which is a NIS+ client in the NIS+ domain, and one DHCP client, dhow, that you want to be a NIS+ client.

(first log in as root on the NIS+ server)
# nisgrep nisei cred.org_dir > /tmp/nisei-cred
# cat /tmp/nisei-cred
# nistbladm -a cname="" \
auth_type=DES auth_name="" \
public_data=46199279911a84045b8e0c76822179138173a20edbd8eab4 \
# rlogin dhow
(log in as root on dhow)
# rcp nisei:/var/nis/NIS_COLD_START /var/nis
# rcp nisei:/etc/.rootkey /etc
# rcp nisei:/etc/defaultdomain /etc
# cp /etc/nisswitch.nisplus /etc/nisswitch.conf
# reboot

The DHCP client system dhow should now be able to use NIS+ services.