Complex Text Layout Language Support in the Solaris Operating Environment

1.5.1 Cursor Positioning

The default cursor position is the upper left corner of the screen. The cursor direction depends on the input mode (left-to-right for Western languages and right-to-left for Arabic and Hebrew). The cursor position is determined after the second keystroke.

In English and other Western languages, the cursor redisplays to the right of each keystroke. In Hebrew and Arabic, the cursor remains stationary, with the character stream appearing to the right or left of the cursor, depending on the page alignment.

In Thai, the character cluster is composed to the left of the cursor. If a set of two or three keystrokes belong to the same cluster, the language engine values these keystrokes as zero and the cursor remains in place. The cursor moves to the right as each cluster is composed.

Note -

Cursor attributes can be reconfigured in the application resource file. For more information, see Step 4 in Section 3.1 CTL Motif Resources.