Euro Currency Support in the Solaris Operating Environment

2.2 Euro Currency Support in Unicode Locales

To work in a multilingual and multiscript environment, the Solaris operating environment provides multibyte Unicode (UTF-8) locales. All UTF-8 locales contain the euro currency symbol at position \x20AC and, thus, no additional codeset is required to support the euro in the Solaris multibyte environment.

In all UTF-8 locales, users can input, output, and print the euro currency symbol. If an application formats currency strings using the Solaris internationalization APIs, however, national currency formatting rules apply instead of euro currency formatting rules. Locale-specific euro currency formatting is supported for multibyte locales through the "@euro" extensions.

For example:

fr.UTF-8 uses national (French) currency formatting rules. fr.UTF-8@euro uses euro currency formatting rules.

Dual-currency support in the UTF-8 locales and their extensions is the same as that in single-byte locales.

2.2.1 Locale Settings for Unicode "@euro" Extensions

The only difference between the Unicode UTF-8 locales and their "@euro" extensions is in LC_MONETARY. In locales using the "@euro" extension, LC_MONETARY will contain locale-specific formatting information for the euro.