Euro Currency Support in the Solaris Operating Environment

2.1.1 Locale-Specific Euro Currency Formatting ("@euro" Extension)

As for other currencies, the euro is a cultural element--each country will format euro currency strings using its own national convention. The ISO 8859-15 locales use national currency conventions to format currency strings. To provide locale-specific euro currency formatting, the Solaris operating environment provides a "@euro" extension to these locales. The "@" modifier is part of the XPG-4 standard and allows finer granularity in locale definitions.

For example:

fr_FR.ISO8859-15 uses national (French) currency formatting rules. fr_FR.ISO8859-15@euro uses euro currency formatting rules.

Each ISO 8859-15 locale supports the "@euro" extension.

Note -

Locales with the "@euro" extension are not available to users in the language selection during login. They are provided to support currency string formatting for the euro.