Euro Currency Support in the Solaris Operating Environment

2.1.3 Locale Settings for ISO 8859-15 Locales

Locale settings (LC_* but excluding LC_MESSAGES) are defined in the Solaris locale definition files. These files are defined and supplied by Sun's Localization Centers and are based on XPG-4 specifications. For further information on the format of locale definition files, refer to Internationalization Guide, Version 2: Open Group Guide. The detailed changes made to the LC_* settings of ISO 8859-15 locales to support the euro are listed below. LC_MESSAGES

LC_MESSAGES for each ISO 8859-15 locale is symbolically linked to its ISO 8859-1 equivalent. It is possible that this linkage will cause codeset compatibility issues, since messages will be encoded in ISO 8859-1 and not ISO 8859-15. This should have minimal impact, however, because the characters being replaced in ISO 8859-1 are rarely used. LC_TIME, LC_NUMERIC

LC_TIME and LC_NUMERIC in the ISO 8859-15 locales will be in the same format as their ISO 8859-1 locale equivalents. LC_CTYPE, LC_COLLATE

LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE will be <locale>_iso8859-15 specific. Most of the delta characters in ISO 8859-15 (those different from ISO 8859-1) can be classified as uppercase or lowercase, thus requiring a locale-specific ISO 8859-15 classification. The delta characters will also be sorted differently than the characters that they replaced in ISO 8859-1 and must use a separate locale-specific ISO 8859-15 sort sequence.