Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

About Logging

The logging service records all actions that the service provider has been programmed to return and that are completed by Solaris WBEM Services components. Informational content and errors can be recorded to a log. For example, if a user disables a serial port, this information can be logged automatically by a serial port provider. Or, if a system error or other failure occurs, the administrator can check the log record to trace the cause of the occurrence.

All components, applications, and providers start logging automatically, in response to system events. For example, the CIM Object Manager automatically logs events after it is installed and started.

You can set up logging for applications and providers that you write for the WBEM environment. For information, see "Using the APIs to Enable Logging". You can view log data in the Solaris Management Console (SMC) Log Viewer to debug the logging functionality that you have set up. For more information on the SMC, see the man page smc(1M).