Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

Log Classes

Logging involves the use of two Solaris Schema classes: Solaris_LogRecord and Solaris_LogService.

Solaris_LogRecord Class

The Solaris_LogRecord class is defined in Solaris_Core1.0.mof to model an entry in a log file. When an application or provider calls the Solaris_LogRecord class in response to an event, the Solaris_LogRecord class causes all data generated by the event to be written to a log file. To see the definition of the Solaris_LogRecord class as part of the Solaris Provider, use a text editor to view the Solaris_Core1.0.mof file. The Solaris_Core1.0.mof file is located in /usr/sadm/mof/.

The Solaris_LogRecord class uses a vector of properties and key qualifiers to specify attributes of the events, system, user, and application or provider that generate data. Read-only qualifier values are generated transparently for use between the application and the CIM Repository. For example, the value RecordID uniquely identifies the log entry but is not displayed as part of the log format when you view generated data.

You can set the values of writable qualifier values. For example, you can set the qualifier values of properties such as ClientMachineName and ServerMachineName, which identify the system on which an event occurs.

When the SysLogFlag property is set to true, then a detailed message of the log record is automatically sent to the syslog daemon on Solaris systems.

Solaris_LogService Class

The Solaris_LogService class controls the operation of the logging service and defines the ways in which log data is handled. This class has a set of methods that an application can use to distribute data about a particular event to the CIM Object Manager from the issuing application. The data becomes a trigger that generates a response from the CIM Object Manager, such as a retrieval of data from the CIM Repository.

The Solaris_LogService class has the following methods:

The Solaris_LogServiceProperties class lets you set logging properties. See "Setting Logging Properties".

You can view the definition of the Solaris_LogService class in the Solaris_Core1.0.mof file, which is located in /usr/sadm/mof/.