Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

The Solaris_Application1.0.mof File

The Solaris_Application1.0.mof file lets you set up packages and patches for your applications that extend the Solaris Schema.


The Solaris_Application1.0.mof file contains classes that represent standard Solaris packages. These packages can be individually installed in and removed from the Solaris operating environment.

The following table lists the attributes you can set for your application packages, shows the field in which the package attribute is displayed when you run the pkginfo command, and describes the package attribute.

Table B-2 Package Information You Can Provide
 Package Attributepkginfo Field Description



The name you assign to your package. Names typically take the form of 3 to 4 uppercase characters indicating the vendor, and up to 5 lowercase characters to uniquely identify the package. 



A brief description of the package in the form of a character string. 



An additional brief description of the package in the form of a character string. 



Type of information contained in the package, for example, if the package contains video, graphic, or Java applications. The category is formed by a free-form string that usually contains the term system or application. The category string can be comprised of multiple terms separated by commas. Possible values include: ALE, graphics, java, video, JFP, SyMON.



System architecture to which the package applies. The Architecture attribute can be a string or an enumeration. Use all to specify a generic text package such as a package that consists of man pages. Specify sparc or i386 to represent a binary (represented by its processor type) , or sparc.sun4u to specify a kernel (represented as a subclass of its processor type).

Base Directory 


Valid UNIX path that indicates the top-level directory where the package was installed. 



Manufacturer of the product. 

Build Number 


String showing the build host name followed by a time stamp. 

Install Date 


Date and time values that indicate when the operating system was installed. 

Support Information 


Character string that provides information about who to call for support. 


The Solaris_Application1.0.mof file also lets you provide fixes to problems and updated versions of your applications in the form of patches. The following table lists and describes the patch attributes that you can provide. All of the information contained in the patch attributes can be obtained with the showrev -p command.

Table B-3 Patch Information You Can Provide
 Patch Attribute Description
 Obsoletes Provides a description of patches that are obsolete or that have been integrated into the current patch.
 Requires Lists the patches required to make the current patch work.
 Incompatibles Lists patches that conflict with the current patch.
 Packages List of packages that this patch fixes.
 Manufacturer Lists the manufacturer's name.
 Installation Date Provides a date/time value indicating the date and time the patch was installed.