Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

System Classes Provided by the Core Model

The following table lists the classes that represent system aspects of the Core schema. The instances of these classes will most often belong to the descendents of the objects contained within the class.

Table A-2 Core Model System Classes

Class Name 



Managed System


Base class for the system element hierarchy. Any distinguishable component of a system is a candidate for inclusion in this class. 

Software components, such as files; and devices, such as disk drives and controllers, and physical components, such as chips and cards. 

Logical Element

Base class for all the components of the system that represent abstract system components 

Profiles, processes, or system capabilities in the form of logical devices. 


Logical Element that aggregates a set of ManagedSystemElements. The aggregation operates as a functional whole. Within any particular subclass of System, there is a well-defined list of Managed System Element classes, whose instances must be aggregated. 

Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, subnet, intranet 


Logical Element that contains the information necessary to represent and manage the functionality provided by a Device and/or SoftwareFeature. A Service is a general-purpose object to configure and manage the implementation of functionality. It is not the functionality itself. 

Printer, modem, fax machine