Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

The Solaris_NamespaceAcl Class

The Solaris_NamespaceAcl extends the Solaris_Acl base class, from which it inherits the string property capability with a default value r (read-only for GUEST and all users). The Solaris_NamespaceAcl class defines the following key property.

 Property Data Type Purpose



Identifies the namespace to which this access control list applies. Only one instance of the namespace ACL can exist in a namespace. 

How to Set Access Control on a Namespace
  1. Create an instance of the Solaris_namespaceAcl class. For example:

    /* Create a namespace object initialized with root\security  
    (name of namespace) on the local host. */   
    CIMNameSpace cns = new CIMNameSpace("", "root\security"); 
    // Connect to the root\security namespace as root. 
    cc = new CIMClient(cns, "root", "root_password");
    // Get the Solaris_namespaceAcl class 
    cimclass = cc.getClass(new CIMObjectPath("Solaris_namespaceAcl");
    // Create a new instance of the Solaris_namespaceAcl 
    class ci = cimclass.newInstance();

  2. Set the capability property to the desired access rights. For example:

    /* Change the access rights (capability) to read/write 
    to the root\molly namespace. */
    ci.setProperty("capability", new CIMValue(new String("rw")); 
    ci.setProperty("nspace", new CIMValue(new String("root\molly"));
  3. Update the instance. For example:

    // Pass the updated instance to the CIM Object Manager 
    cc.setInstance(new CIMObjectPath(), ci);