Solaris 8 Installation Supplement

Preconfiguring With the sysidcfg File

This section supplements "Guidelines for Preconfiguring With the sysidcfg File" in Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide.

The sysidcfg file preconfigures system identification information through a set of keywords that specify the pieces of information you want to preconfigure. The name_service keyword has been augmented to allow the specification of LDAP as an available name service. This augmented keyword is described in Table 2-1.

Table 2-1 name_service Keyword

Configuration Information 



Where to Find Values/Example 

Name service, domain name, name server 


name_service=NIS, NIS+, DNS, LDAP, NONE


Options for NIS and NIS+: {domain_name=domain_name name_server=hostname(ip_address)}

name_service=NIS { name_server=timber(}

name_service=NIS+ { name_server=timber(}


Options for DNS: {domain_name=domain_name name_server=ip_address,ip_address, ip_address (three maximum) search=domain_name,domain_name,domain_name,domain_name,domain_name, domain_name (six maximum, total length less than or equal to 250 characters)}

name_service=DNS { name_server=,,}

Note -

Choose only one value for name_service. Include either, both, or neither of the domain_name and name_server keywords, as needed. If neither keyword is used, omit the curly braces {}.


Options for LDAP: {domain_name=domain_name profile=profile_name profile_server=ip_address}

name_service=LDAP { profile=default profile_server=}