Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual

Viewing System Configuration Information

Several tools are available to examine system configuration. Some require root privilege, others can be run by a non-privileged user. Every structure and data item can be examined with the kernel debugger (adb on a running system, booting under kadb, or mdb).


The sysdef(1M) command provides the values of System V IPC settings, STREAMS tunables, process resource limits, and portions of the tune and v structures. For example, the sysdef "Tunable Parameters" section from on a 512 Mbyte UltraTM 80 system is:

10387456        maximum memory allowed in buffer cache (bufhwm)
    7930        maximum number of processes (v.v_proc)
      99        maximum global priority in sys class (MAXCLSYSPRI)
    7925        maximum processes per user id (v.v_maxup)
      30        auto update time limit in seconds (NAUTOUP)
      25        page stealing low water mark (GPGSLO)
       5        fsflush run rate (FSFLUSHR)
      25        minimum resident memory for avoiding deadlock (MINARMEM)
      25        minimum swapable memory for avoiding deadlock (MINASMEM)