Solaris 8 Software Developer Supplement

Fault-Injection Process

The process of injecting a fault involves two phases:

  1. Create errdefs by using the th_define command.

    Create errdefs by passing test definitions to the bofi driver, which stores the definitions so they can be accessed by using th_manage(1M).

  2. Create a workload, then use th_manage to activate and manage the errdef.

    The th_manage(1M) command is a user interface to the various ioctls that are recognized by the bofi harness driver. th_manage operates at the level of driver names and instances and includes these commands: get_handles to list access handles, start to activate errdefs, and stop to deactivate errdefs.

    The activation of an errdef results in qualifying data accesses to be faulted. The th_manage utility supports these commands: broadcast to provide the current state of the errdef and clear_errors to clear the errdef.

    See th_define(1M) and th_manage(1M) for more information.