Solaris 8 Software Developer Supplement

Font Aliasing

This section is used to define alias names for each font used for printing. Each line in this section is of the form

keyword			font alias name		 	font type 		   font path			

The keyword for this section is FontNameAlias.

<font alias name>

The usual convention for aliasing a font name is to specify the encoding/script name of the font followed by a letter that indicates whether the font is Roman, Bold, Italic, or BoldItalic (R, B, I or BI). For example /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/courR18.pcf.Z, since it is an iso88591 Roman font, can be given the alias name iso88591R.

<font type>

Specify PCF for .pcf fonts, Type1 for Adobe Type1 fonts, and TrueType for truetype fonts. Only these three kinds of fonts can be configured in this config. file.

<font path>

Give the absolute path name for the font files here. For type1 printer-resident fonts, just specify the font name. See the following example.

FontNameAlias			 prnHelveticaR 			 Type1  			  Helvetica