Solaris 8 Software Developer Supplement

Java 2D Technology Enhancements

J2SE 1.3.0 introduces support for rendering on multiple monitors the GUI Frames and Windows that belong to the same application. The Java 2DTM API supports three multi-screen configurations:

With J2SE 1.3.0's new dynamic font-loading API, a developer can create and load TrueType fonts during runtime. Developers can use the Java 2D API to give their dynamically loaded fonts the desired features such as size, style, transforms, and others.

The Java 2D API in J2SE 1.3.0 now supports the Portable Graphics Network (PGN) format, a flexible, extensive, non-proprietary file format that represents lossless and portable storage of raster images. PGN supports gray scale, indexed-color, and truecolor images, with an optional alpha channel.