Mobile IP Administration Guide

Displaying Mobility Agent Status

You can use the mipagentstat command to display a foreign agent's visitors list and a home agent's binding table. Mobile IP Mobility Agent Status provides a conceptual description of the mipagentstat command. You can also review the mipagentstat(1M) man page.

How to Display Mobility Agent Status

  1. Become superuser on the system where you want to enable Mobile IP.

  2. On a command line, type the following command.

    # mipagentstat <option> 

    You can use the following options:


    Shows the list of active mobile nodes in the foreign agent's visitor list. 


    Shows the list of active mobile nodes in the home agent's binding table. 

For example, to show the visitor list for all mobile nodes registered with the foreign agent, use the following command.

# mipagentstat -f

This causes the following results to display (for example).

Mobile Node     Home Agent     Time (s)     Time (s)  Flags
                               Granted      Remaining
--------------- -------------- ------------ --------- -----    600          125       R       1000         10        R