Solaris Live Upgrade 2.0 Guide

Guidelines for Selecting Slices for File Systems

There are some file system limitations, which are listed below.

When creating file systems for a boot environment, the rules are identical to the rules for creating file systems for the Solaris operating environment. Solaris Live Upgrade cannot prevent you from creating invalid configurations for critical file systems. For example, you could enter a lucreate command that would create separate file systems for root (/) and /kernel—an invalid division of root (/).

Guidelines for Selecting a Slice for the root (/) File System

When you create an inactive boot environment, you need to identify a slice where the root (/) file system is to be copied. Use the following guidelines when you select a slice for the root (/) file system. The slice must comply with the following:

The Choices menu displays most free slices that are available for the creation of an inactive boot environment. Some slices are free, but not available to be shown in the Choices menu, such as a Veritas VxVM volume or a Solstice DiskSuite metadevice.

Guidelines for Selecting a Slice for a /swap File System

The swap slice cannot be in use by any boot environment except the current boot environment or if the -s option is used, the source boot environment. The boot environment creation fails if the swap slice is being used by any other boot environment whether the slice contains a swap, ufs, or any other file system.