Solaris Live Upgrade 2.0 Guide

Comparing Boot Environments

Use the Compare menu or lucompare to check for differences between the active boot environment and other boot environments. To make a comparison, the inactive boot environment must be in a complete state and cannot have a copy job that is pending. See Displaying the Status of All Boot Environments.

The specified boot environment cannot have any partitions that are mounted with lumount(1M) or mount(1M).

To Compare Boot Environments (Character Interface)

  1. From the main menu, select Compare.

  2. Select either Compare to Original or Compare to an Active Boot Environment.

  3. Press F3.

  4. Type the names of the original (active) boot environment, the inactive boot environment, and the path to a file:

    Name of Parent: solaris8
    Name of Child: solaris8-1
    Full Pathname of the file to Store Output: /tmp/compare
  5. To save to the file, press F3.

    The Compare menu displays the following file attributes:

    • Mode

    • Number of links

    • Owner

    • Group

    • Checksum - Computes checksums only if the file in the specified boot environment matches its counterpart on the active boot environment in all of the fields that are described previously. If everything matches but the checksums differ, the differing checksums are appended to the entries for the compared files.

    • Size

    • Existence of files in only one boot environment

  6. To return to the Compare menu, press F3.

To Compare Boot Environments (Command-Line Interface)

  1. Log in as superuser.

  2. Type:

    # /usr/sbin/lucompare -i  infile (or) -t -o outfile BE_name

    -i  infile

    Compare files that are listed in infile. The files to be compared should be an absolute file name. If the entry in the file is a directory, then comparison is recursive to the directory. Use either this option or -t, not both.


    Compare only nonbinary files. This comparison uses the file(1) command on each text file in the file system. Use either this option or -i, not both options.

    -o  outfile

    Redirect the output of differences to outfile.


    Specifies the name of the boot environment that is compared to the active boot environment. 

    Example 5–2 Comparing Boot Environments (Command-Line Interface)

    In this example, first_disk boot environment (source) is compared to second_disk boot environment and the results are sent to a file.

    # /usr/sbin/lucompare -i  /etc/lu/compare/:-o \
      /var/tmp/compare.out second_disk