Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes Dumps Core In Japanese Locale (4394340)

kkcv is an input method server for Japanese BCP (4.x Binary Compatibility) applications. When LDAP is used, kkcv dumps core repeatedly with the error message:

cssd: The process "" has been killed by sig#134, core dumped 

This problem occurs in all locales when 'ja' locale is installed using the Languages CD.

Workaround: If you do not need to use Japanese BCP feature, configure your system not to start input method servers for BCP applications:

  1. Copy /usr/lib/css.d/ to /etc/css.d.

    # cp -p /usr/lib/css.d/ /etc/css.d
  2. Edit /etc/css.conf and comment out the line of /usr/lib/css.d with `#'.

    # /etc/css.conf
  3. Restart the CS monitor daemon.

    # sh /etc/init.d/loc.ja.cssd stop
    # sh /etc/init.d/loc.ja.cssd start