Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes

Solaris Web Start 3.0 Bugs You Need to Know About Before Using the Solaris 8 Installation CD

System Identification Does Not Detect Default Route on Manually Configured Network (4474697)

If you use the Solaris 8 7/01 Installation CD to install the Solaris operating environment on a system with no bootparams or no way of detecting previous network information, the installation program cannot detect a default route. If you select Find One and Confirm when the installation program asks you for a default route, the following error message displays.

The route could not be detected at this time. If you wish to accept the
settings provided, press 'Accept' and autodetection will be set for reboot,
otherwise press 'Cancel' and provide another address.

Workaround: If you receive the previous error message, follow these steps.

  1. Select Accept when your system displays the previous error message.

  2. After the system identification process has completed, open a terminal window and type the following command.

    # /usr/sbin/in.rdisc -s

Installation Stops on Some 64 MB Systems (4423477)

If you perform a Solaris Web Start installation on a 64 MB system using the Solaris 8 English Installation CD, the Solaris 8 Software 1 of 2 CD successfully installs. However, the installation of the Solaris 8 Software 2 of 2 CD might stop. The problem does not occur if you install using the Solaris 8 Multilingual Installation CD. The following message is displayed in /tmp/disk0_install.log. Not enough space

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds.

Cannot Specify an Alternate Network Interface to Use During System Identification on Network Gateway Systems (4302896)

A network gateway is used to communicate with other networks. A gateway system contains multiple network interface adapters and each adapter connects with a different network.

If you use the Solaris 8 7/01 Installation CD to install the Solaris 8 7/01 operating environment on a gateway system, Solaris Web Start 3.0 uses the primary interface to gather system information. You cannot instruct Solaris Web Start 3.0 to use an alternate network interface to gather information for system identification.

Workaround: To specify another interface for gathering system information, choose one of the following workarounds.