Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes

System Administration Bugs

Error When Removing SUNWppdx 64-bit Package (4470877)

If the 64-bit SUNWpppdx package is installed and and you switch to 32-bit mode, pkgrm will fail when you attempt to remove SUNWpppdx. The following message is displayed.

WARNING:The <SUNWpppdu> package"Solaris PPP 4.0 daemon and utilities" 
depends on the package currently being removed.
Dependency checking failed.
Do you want to continue with the removal of this package [y,n,?,q] 

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds.

Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) Event Delivery Fails When Uppercase Is Used (4441369)

If a Solaris provider generates indications and the class name is set to uppercase, the event delivery fails.

Workaround: Use uppercase to define indication class names.

Incorrect Error Message When Using flarcreate -e and -E (4404811)

If you run the flarcreate command with both the -e and -E options an error is encountered. The following message is displayed.

ERROR: Options -D and -f are mutually exclusive

The message should read.

ERROR: Options -E and -e are mutually exclusive

Workaround: Ignore the error message. Do not use the -e and -E options together.

Obsolete Files Still Present in Help System (4339515)

After selecting Help -> Information from the Front Panel, a list of obsolete files is returned. The correct file is S8FCSreleasenotes.

CIM_ERR_LOW_ON_MEMORY Error Occurs When Trying to Add Data With WBEM (4312409)

The following error message is displayed when memory is low:

You cannot add more entries when the Common Information Model (CIM) Object Manager has run low on memory. You must reset the CIM Object Manager Repository.

Workaround: To reset the CIM Object Manager Repository:

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Stop the CIM Object Manager.

    # /etc/init.d/init.wbem stop

  3. Remove the JavaSpaces log directory.

    # /bin/rm -rf /var/sadm/wbem/logr

  4. Restart the CIM Object Manager.

    # /etc/init.d/init.wbem start

    Note –

    You will lose any proprietary definitions in your datastore. You must recompile the MOF files that contain those definitions using the mofcomp command. For example:

    # /usr/sadm/bin/mofcomp -u root -p root_password your_mof_file