Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes

Documents Affected: “Adaptec AHA-2940AU, 2940U, 2940U Dual, 2940UW, 2940UW Dual, 2940U2, 2940U2B, 2940U2W, 2944UW, 2950U2B, 3940AU, 3940AUW, 3940AUWD, 3940U, 3940UW, 3944AUWD, 3950U2B HBAs” in Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide, adp(7D) and cadp(7D) in the Solaris 8 Reference Manual Collection, and What's New in the Solaris 8 Operating Environment

Current statement:

The Adaptec Ultra devices are supported by the cadp driver and they support PCI hot-plugging.

Should read as follows:

The Adaptec Ultra SCSI devices:

are now supported by the adp driver instead of the cadp driver as stated in the following documents: PCI hot-plugging is not supported for these Ultra SCSI devices. However, the Ultra 2 SCSI devices supported by the cadp driver support PCI hot-plugging.