Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes

Do Not Install a Large Partition on Systems That Already Have symhisl, mega, or cpqncr Disk Controller Drivers Installed

If you attempt to install a large partition (one that extends beyond the 8–Gbyte boundary) on a disk that uses any of the controllers listed next, the installed system does not behave properly.

The Solaris operating environment installation program cannot detect that the driver does not support large partitions. The installation continues without displaying an error. However, when you reboot your system, the reboot may fail.

Even if you successfully reboot your system, it will fail later because of other changes related to boot devices or added packages. The disk controllers associated with these drivers are:

Workaround: Do not install a large partition that extends beyond the first 8 Gbytes of a disk on systems that have disk controllers driven by the symhisl, mega, or cpqncr drivers.