Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual


adb is a runtime debugger. Superuser can run adb with the -k option to see variables in the running kernel. If -w is specified with the -k option, superuser can change the in-memory values of the running kernel. Any changes made in this manner are lost when the system reboots.

Example—Using adb to Change a Value

To change the value of the integer variable maxusers from its current value to 0x200, do the following:

# adb -kw
physmem f7c6
maxusers:       495
maxusers/W 200
maxusers:       0x1ef           =       0x200

Replace maxusers with the actual address of the item to be changed as well as the value the variable is to be set to.

See adb(1) for information on using the adb command.