USB Administration Guide

USB Printer Support

You can use Solaris Print Manager to set up a USB printer that is attached to a SPARC system with USB ports, starting with the Solaris 8 10/00 release. You can also set up USB printers on IA systems, starting with the Solaris 8 04/01 release.

The new logical device names for USB printers are:


Therefore, when you add a USB printer to a printer server, select one of these devices for a USB printer under Printer Port on the Add New Attached Printer screen. See the System Administration Guide, Volume 2 for more information on using Solaris Print Manager to set up printers.

Although the new Solaris USB printer driver supports all USB printer-class compliant printers, a list of recommended PostScriptTM printers is in the usbprn(7D) man page.

The usbprn driver is compliant with non-PostScript printers that utilize third-party PostScript conversion packages like GhostScript. You can obtain conversion packages from the Solaris 8 Software Companion CD, available at

Refer to the Notes and Diagnostics sections of the usbprn(7D) man page for information and cautions about hot-plugging USB printers.