USB Administration Guide

Managing USB Mass Storage Devices With vold Running

If you are running Solaris Common Desktop Environment (CDE), the USB removable mass storage devices are managed by the Removable Media Manager component of the CDE File Manager. See dtfile(1) for more information on the CDE File Manager.

Note –

You must include the /usr/dt/man in your MANPATH variable to display the man pages listed in this section. You must also have /usr/dt/bin in your path and have CDE running to use these commands, or have a DISPLAY variable set to use these commands remotely.

The following table identifies the commands Removable Media Manager uses to manage storage devices from the CDE environment.




Format and label USB devices 


Display properties of the device  


Change device protection 


Create or modify slices on the device  

After the USB device is formatted, it is usually mounted under the /rmdisk/label directory. See rmmount.conf(4) for details on how to configure removable storage devices.

The following procedures describe how to manage USB mass storage devices with volume management. The device nodes are created under the /vol/dev directory. See scsa2usb(7D) for more information. The following procedures also describe how to add or remove hot-pluggable USB mass storage devices. Hot-plugging a device means the device is added or removed without shutting down the operating system or powering off the system.