USB Administration Guide

How to Prepare for Creating Data on or Extracting Data From a USB CD

The cdrw command works with or without vold running. See the cdrw(1) and mkisofs(1M) man pages for more information.

  1. Insert a CD into the CD-RW device.

    The CD can be any CD that the device can read.

  2. Check that the CD-RW drive is connected properly by listing the device.

    # cdrw -l
        Node              |    Connected Device            |  Device type
     /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2   | SONY     CD-RW  CRX120E   1.0k | CD Reader/Writer
  3. (Optional) If you do not see the drive in the list, you might have to do a reconfiguration boot so that the system recognizes the device.

    # touch /reconfigure
    # init 6