USB Administration Guide

How to Add Hot-Pluggable USB Audio Devices

Use this procedure to add hot-pluggable USB audio devices.

  1. Plug in the USB speakers and microphone.

    The primary audio device, /dev/audio, usually points to the onboard audio. After you connect USB audio devices, /dev/audio points to the USB audio devices that are identified in the /dev/sound directory.

  2. Verify that the audio device files have been created.

    % ls /dev/sound
    0     0ctl  1     1ctl  2     2ctl
  3. Test the left and right USB speakers.

    % cd /usr/demo/SOUND/sounds
    % audioplay -d /dev/sound/1 -b 100
    % audioplay -d /dev/sound/1 -b -100
  4. Test the USB microphone.

    % cd $HOME/au
    % audiorecord -d /dev/sound/2 -p mic -t 30